Now this is your chance to show off your magic skills to everyone. I’ll be teaching you a free trick on this blog, to learn more tricks you could visit the request password page and follow the instructions there. So here’s a free trick you could do to impress your friends.

Effect: Make a coin vanish and reappear from inside a pen.

Props needed:

A pen

A coin (preferably not too small)


1. Put the pen and coin in your right pocket.

2. Take out the coin and show it to your audience.

3. Using your left hand pretend to take the coin but in reality you retain it in your right hand.

4. Hold your left hand into a fist and raise it at the audience’s eye level at the same time you take the pen in our pocket with the right hand which still holds the coin. (Timing is crucial here so that you won’t be noticed)

5. Take the pen out (close your fingers so that the coin can’t be seen) and tap your closed left hand.

6. Slowly open your left hand to show that the coin is gone.

7.Then pull the cap off the pen using your left hand and shake the pen with your right hand and at that moment let the coin fall.

8. Take a bow and your well deserved applause.

If you want to learn more tricks just visit the request password page and follow the instructions.


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