In this site you will find a lot of tricks and their methods on how to do them. However as a magician you are requested not to tell others how the tricks that you’ve learned are done. Also to protect the craft of us magicians most entries would be password protected.

For magicians who are looking for new tricks and for those who are determined to be real magicians, use the contact form below and include the following details

  • Real name
  • Magic books or videos owned (a true magician, should have read a book or watched a video or two)

However if you are really a magician who will start from zero just tell me who your favorite magician is and why in one sentence.

So that you may be properly informed the magician here will not
1. Post methods for some tricks that might be dangerous for first time magicians.
2. Reveal methods that would ruin other magicians careers

I hope you understand. Remember to become a magician keeps his secrets so that his secrets would keep him too.

Contact me via this button (page will open on the same page) and please place on the subject field “Password Request”


2 Responses to “Request Password”

  1. Chris Wagner Says:

    I’ve been in magic for 9 months and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I don’t own any books but have read through some of Royal Road to Card Magic. I own many DVDs such as Oz Pearlmans “Born to Perform” and Dan and Dave Bucks “Trilogy”

    1. jordanmagician Says:

      Hi Chris,

      Please request for password using the contact sheet by pressing the button above that says contact me.



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